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Tutoring Process

Enter your contact details

Enter your contact info here to sign up for the Learning Scholars live one-on-one tutoring program. Or, Call our toll free number 888-302-0644. Our friendly Customer Support Staff will contact you at your convenience and schedule a Free demo online tutoring Session. The free online orientation in advance makes sure that you are familiar with the process before your class begins.

Attend the free demo session

Our customer support personnel will walk you through the easy process of signing in to the Learning Scholars' virtual classroom. During the demo session, you will be introduced to the online whiteboard tools in the virtual classroom such as math tool, drawing tool, file sharing, video/audio record, replay, multiple whiteboards and more. No software installation is required.

Register for the Learning Scholars online tutoring Program

Once you have understood how easy, fun, and rewarding the process and tutoring session is, you can register at Learning Scholars as a student and be part of our online tutoring program.
Once you register, you will receive a username and password in your email. You will also receive a Scholars Kit in mail. This is a collection of hardware such as a digital pen and tablet required to facilitate the e-tutoring process. You can contact our technical support staff 24*7 at our toll free number 866- 615- 2178

Take the Diagnostic Test

The Diagnostic Initial Evaluation Test or DIET evaluates the student's proficiency in various subjects and asses the vital skill gaps.
Based on the DIET scores the Academic Director, instructional designers and tutors formulate a Customized Curriculum for you, taking into account your specific requirements, academic goals, learning style, abilities, and skill gaps.

Attend one-on-one tutoring sessions

To launch the Learning Scholars' virtual classroom, log in with your username and password. Your expert and dedicated tutor will be waiting for you. Learning Scholars offers the customized one-on-one teaching approach that caters to your individual requirements and academic aspirations. Our unique program helps motivate you, make learning a fun and rewarding experience, and take the stress out of tests. By using dynamic and interactive techniques, our tutors help you understand concepts and techniques to score better; you learn more in less time.

Receive feedback on our Knowledge Management System

Learning Scholars Knowledge Management System is a personalized web space where information about the student, diagnostic test scores, schedule of tutoring sessions, assessment test scores, student progress report and tutor's comments are archived. Each student/parent will be given a username and password, for logging onto the Knowledge Management System.
This space enables the free flow of information between the parents, students and Learning Scholars tutors, and Academic Director. Your progress is constantly measured and graphically represented on the Knowledge Management System to enable you, your parents, and tutor to gauge your progress..

Enjoy learning!

Learning Scholars guarantees you 15% to 20% rise in your scores within the first few months following the DIET. What's more important, you learn more in less time during the online tutoring course in the presence of our expert tutor. Learning becomes an enjoyable and worthwhile experience..