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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you conduct tutoring?

We conduct tutoring sessions online. Once you have signed up with us, we'll introduce you to the tutoring process, features of our online software and accessories needed for online education.

What courses do you provide?

We offer tutoring for all subjects and grades 1 through 12. We also help students with homework, essay assignments, presentations, and school projects. We offer comprehensive test prep programs for SAT, ACT, PSAT, and SSAT.

Do you provide any trial sessions?

Yes, we do provide a free trial session to introduce you to the tutoring process and teaching methodology. The 20 to 30 minute session would also acquaint you with the software and its features followed by a demo session with respective subject tutors.

At what time your tutor will be available

Our online tutoring is available at student's convenient times.

What accessories are required for online tutoring?

All you required computer/laptop with high speed internet, headset with microphone, digital pen tablet (optional). Using these accessories the tutor and the student can talk, write, and share documents even can share the screen.

What is the qualification of the tutor?

All of our tutors have post-graduation qualification in their respective subject areas apart from additional graduation like diploma / degree in teaching methodologies. All our tutors have minimum of 5 years of teaching experience.

Our home tutor is very good we are satisfied with him why we should try with you

In home tutoring students may rely on tutor and not able to put their best efforts but with our one-on-one tutoring each student gets individual attention and our tutoring methodologies are focused and student centric whereas in home tutoring numerous distractions and disturbances diminish students learning.

Does my child enjoy your online tuition?

Definitely your child enjoy our online tutoring because our powerful interactive multimedia motivates students by providing clear understanding of the more difficult areas to explain. Visual representation provides an additional way of understanding most challenging topics of all subjects.

What if I'm not satisfied with my tutor?

We offer alternative tutor and will not be charging you for sessions conducted.

Do you guarantee a better grade on competitive exams?

Most of our students make far better grades after starting with our online tutoring programs. Results vary from student to student but on average, we see an improvement of grades up to 15 to 20%.

How do you ensure that the student's attention is not diverted during the tutoring session?

This depends on tutor's ability to judge student progress while in an online tutoring sessions. Our experienced tutors will be able to engage their students positively during live tutoring sessions and ensure students stay focused on learning rather than getting distracted. Most of our students enjoy online tutoring sessions within couple of sessions of starting tutoring with us. Once students start involving themselves and enjoy online classes, then getting distracted will not be an issue anymore.

Why should i do online tutoring instead of finding a tutor in my local area to work with?

Because our online tutoring gives you one stop tutoring service provider with highly experienced tutors. You can choose multiple subjects at one place which will not be possible in home tutoring. And many other factors influences for online tutoring are technically your children will enhance their study skills, flexibility of tutoring hours, Individual attention and your children can take classes from anywhere.

What are the parameters adopted to ensure the quality of teaching

All Our tutors are postgraduates/Ph D and diploma holders and our professional tutor trainer give training to our tutors frequently according to the academic tutoring trends. So the tutors are up to dateĀ in giving their best quality and every quarter we assess our tutors with their subject based tests.

How is Learning Scholars different from other vendors providing online tutoring?

Our methodology of teaching is mainly focus on not only allocating homework to students, next day when session starts our tutors will correct the home work which has given the other day. We provide work sheets according to the subscribed package, monthly assessment tests, parent teacher meetings after monthly assessment tests, each and every session will be recorded in our learning management system.